The 2018 digital yearbook is here!

Every year, We are social and Hootsuite publish The Digital Yearbook which is an amazing report with everything you need to know about digital trends. This year, they added a couple of stats to make the report even more insightful for every digital professional.

What is the Digital Yearbook?

The Digital yearbook is a report that answers questions like:

  • What is the internet penetration rate?
  • How many people are active on social media?
  • What is the mobile penetration rate?
  • How often do people connect to social media from a mobile?
  • And much more

According to me, this report is the most detailed and trusted source of data for digital professionals. Especially for those who work in regions of the world where access to information is problematic (like Africa for instance). I love the fact that they also publish regular updates thorough the year.

What to expect?

There are 3 main types of reports: the global overview, regional reports and country profiles.

The global overview

2018 digital trends stats

This report is very high level and presents:

  • a snapshot or internet, mobile and social media usage.
  • the trend year over year.
  • differences between regions of the world.
  • high level country stats.

Regional reports

Regional reports show trends in each of the regions of the world – like Middle Africa or Western Europe for instance – as well as in-depth country profiles.

digital trends for Cameroon in 2018

For each country you have access to key dimensions like:

  • Social and economic indicators
  • Internet use
  • Share of web by device
  • Top google search queries
  • Social Media use as well as detailed stats on Facebook & Instagram
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Top websites based on traffic, page views and time on site.
  • Financial inclusion

This year they added several dimensions such as Financial inclusion and Instagram stats. YAY!

Country profiles

Finally, We are social has published even more granular reports for a few lucky countries like France, the US, Spain, China and Australia.

Digital stats in France for 2018

The good news is that each report is published in local language. I have checked the translation of the France country report and it is not Google translated.

Sorry folks! No Canadian country profile has been posted yet.

You can download the reports on Slideshare

How to use the Digital Yearbook?

I personally use this yearbook for research and benchmark purposes.

Last year I was working on a social media diagnostic for a big company in Cameroon. The report was super helpful learning about local digital trends. I also used it to when building a social media strategy for the same client. More specifically to benchmark the company’s performance and the validate the pertinence of a few strategic decisions.

This report (along with previous issues and other reports) is also very helpful for market research. Especially before entering a specific market. For instance, Africa has a lot of potential in terms of growth and opportunities. If you are thinking about launching an eCommerce in an African country, you might want to check the financial inclusion stats and adjust accordingly.

How to make the Digital Yearbook even more insightful?

One thing I have been dying to see in this report is the internet browsers usage. Are people still using Internet Explorer 8 today? Web developers will certainly feel me on this one.

I would also like to see detailed stats for Twitter and Instagram.

Finally, if we could have a Canadian country profile it would be awesome!

Being digital in 2018

So if you want to know what it means to be digital in 2018, check out this presentation.

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