Modern Marketing Readiness

I have been reading eConsultancy’s blog for a couple of years. Every week I am excited to read their 10 important digital marketing stats series, which makes me discover other great digital marketing resources. This week they launched a quiz called Modern Marketing Readiness. The landing page looks nothing like what I have been used […]

2 reasons to embrace Dark Social

Dark Social is a phenomenon that is having marketers freak out these days. What is dark social anyways? Dark Social Drives Online Referral Traffic The term dark social was originally discussed by Alexis Madrigal back in 2012. He defined it as direct links that are shared through email, messaging apps, text messaging or other private […]

3 Things I learned teaching social media to entrepreneurs in Toronto

La Passerelle IDE offers a of a program to help new entrepreneurs set up their businesses and learn critical skills to be successful: Marketing, Accounting, Management etc. During the month of November, I taught entrepreneurs how to leverage digital technologies and social media to reach their business objectives. The average student was in his 40s, immigrant from French the speaking part of Africa. They were about launch of their business and only 1 had already launched. It was really interesting to see how digital technologies fit in their marketing strategy.