Modern Marketing Readiness

eConsultancy launch an interesting quiz called “Modern Marketing Readiness”, which helps marketers understand the type of marketers they are based on their answers to 9 questions.

I have been reading eConsultancy’s blog for a couple of years. Every week I am excited to read their 10 important digital marketing stats series, which makes me discover other great digital marketing resources.

This week they launched a quiz called Modern Marketing Readiness. The landing page looks nothing like what I have been used to seeing on their website. I was intrigued and had to take the test. Who doesn’t like free assessment? It’s like a free session with your therapist!

Marketing readiness quiz

The quiz itself takes a couple of minutes. I believe they ask 9 questions, each on a specific area of digital marketing (Branding, content…). There are no wrong answer, this quiz is a self-assessment to be taken with a grain of salt because it’s based on a limited number of questions. Nevertheless, I was a bit stressed about my results saying that I am a traditional marketer (no offense). Here are my results:

Obviously, it’s hard to make a real assessment by asking someone a couple of questions but I found the quiz really instructive. Based on my answers, there 3 areas where I need to improve:

  • Branding
  • Content
  • Distribution

Thank God Marketing Strategy was not one of them! It would have sucked!

The real value of this quiz

For each of the 9 fields, eConsultancy suggests articles for you to read in order to step up your Marketing game. The brilliant thing about this approach is that the quiz becomes a way for the firm to:

  • learn more about their readers
  • re-purpose/promote existing content
  • serve highly relevant content that are based on the respondent’s results. Most people will read articles related to the field they need to improve.
  • learn about most common misconceptions and find ideas future content.

I am curious to know how their page / visit increased as a result of this.

Like my webanalytics teacher would say:

If there is no product, you are the product.

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