Review of Buffer’s Actionable Social Media Strategies email course

I have been trying lots email courses over the past months. It is a convenient way to keep learning new things especially when I was in Cameroon where the internet is expensive and the speed is not so great 😥.

I found out about email courses a few months ago. I was reading a post where Buffer was promoting the Actionable Social Media Strategies email course. I didn’t really know what to expect and was just curious about how people use emails these days.

The purpose of the course was to learn a few tactics to increase social media engagement. It was just what I expected: actionable tactics I could potentially test with clients. I already know most of the stuff that Buffer shared but I looked forward to getting an email from Kevan every day. I actually had a mini freak out moment on a Sunday when I realized I hadn’t got an email for a long time. It turned out they send emails only on week days 😂. 

What I liked about the Actionable Social Media Strategies course

The course was:

  • insightful: I loved the fact that the emails where short and went straight to the point. They share stats, tools and other resources to help you boost engagement. They also share their own successes, which is a time saver.
  • smart: I liked the way they repurpose old content from their website for those who need to dig a little bit deeper on a specific subject. It is a great way to give a second life to a piece of content you posted a few months back and increase traffic.
  • long enough to actually learn something. My favorite lesson was the one on reposting content on social media. It was the very first lesson and they sure got my attention because I actually never done it. Many of us don’t like to repost content because we are afraid to annoy our communities. But I have to say they convinced me. I started to pay attention to what brands are doing and a lot of them are actually achieving success with this tactic. Especially on Twitter.
  • well structured. This course actually helped me get inspiration for a class I was giving at the time. It also made it easy for me to find real examples to show to my students.
  • convenient. An email course is perfect for me because I can read it on my down time anywhere (on the bus etc.). The entire lesson is included in the content of the email. If I had to go online and watch a video, I wouldn’t probably have completed the class because of the lack of time and because the internet was not super reliable in Cameroon.

On top of it, Kevan’s personality is great. I felt like he was my imaginary friend and everyday I looked forward to getting an email from him. Kevan, if you read this please comment below and prove them our friendship is real !

What could be improved 

The only thing I would do is double checking the email subject lines that can be inconsistent. Yes, I know I am picky like that. 😒

Actionable Social Media Strategies email course syllabus


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