Top 5 most memorable social media moments of 2016

2016 was a very eventful year. Trump wont the elections, the music and acting worlds have said farewell to legends and Fidel Castro died. Even if it is difficult not to think about 2016 as a crappy year, here 5 moments that really got my attention because of the massive reactions (positive or not) in social media.

Happy new year everyone!

I have been thinking about sharing my most memorable social media moments of 2016. I am pretty sure you saw some of them. These are not necessary campaigns/videos/ads that broke the Internet but at the end of the year, they are the 5 I could remember. Let’s do this!

5. Black Mirror Project by Liberian model Deddeh Howard

In December, my Instagram went crazy about the Black Mirror Project.

The concept: racial diversity

Liberian model Howard recreated iconic ads that originally featured caucasian models. The idea was to raise awareness on racial diversity in the fashion industry.

The facts: black models appears on 11% of the ads

During the last ad season (Fall 2016), caucasian models were cast 77% vs. 11% for black women (Source: Fashion Post). Black models have been very vocal about how the fashion industry is dominated by white models. For decades they have been fighting to see more black people on the runway. Progress has been made but not enough to close the gap.

The verdict: Social media buzz??

I really think she did a great job at showcasing her modelling skills and proving that her complexion didn’t take anything away from the original ad.  To me, this initiative is more like a communications campaign rather than advocacy – even if lot of people used it to promote the famous #BlackGirlMagic ?. She succeeded in creating the buzz, showing her talent and putting her face out there. This is pretty well done considering that thousands of models like her are struggling to get seen. The political aspect of it (if she intended this to have one) didn’t really matter to me. In my opinion the fashion industry is marginalizing some ethnicities/groups even more than black people. If she would have been Native American, plus size or albino, it would have been another story.

4. Lane Bryant’s This Body campaign

March/September. Another fashion campaign #ThisBody Is Made To Shine creates a controversy. In March, Lane Bryant launched the #ThisBody campaign to promote their lingerie line and prove that confidence is not about size. This first ad was heavily criticized on social media. Haters both targeted the brand and the plus size models that were featured in the ad (like Ashley Graham for instance). In September, L.B.  decided to create a second ad to shut the haters up. And I LOVED IT.

The concept

Promoting Lane Bryant’s lingerie line by overcoming social media negativity in reaction to the first ad and responding to some of the comments. 

The facts: 91% of american women are unhappy with their bodies

91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to sometimes extreme dieting to reach their ideal weight. Only 5% of American women possess the body type often portrayed in the media. 58% of college-aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight (Source: Do Something Movement). 

The verdict: ?

This campaign really got me not because it was about body image and confidence, which is a very important issue. In fact Dove have been raising awareness on that  for years. What I really liked about this campaign was Lane Bryant’ response to hateful comments. It was truly epic. Tell’em L.B, Tell’em!

3. What it means to be a designer

I discovered Pixelo earlier this year and I just LOVE what they do. Here are two videos that really got my attention this year. They are really good at showing what graphic and web designers go through when dealing with clients. I am not even an accomplished designer and I could totally relate.

2. Subway’s new logo

OMG this one still hurts. I have absolutely NO IDEA what Subway was trying to accomplish with this new identity. Personally I thought the old logo was fine. The new one, ugh I can’t even look at it. The arrows point in the opposite directions didn’t bother me before, now that’s all I can see. I liked the old logo because the inclination really mimic the idea of getting your food fast. It added movement. And the green was consistent with they slogan “eat fresh”. I have nothing positive to say about the new logo. I must not get it.

subway new logo before and after
Subway logo before and After

1. Father-Daughter Morning Mirror Motivation

This one was my absolute favourite because these too are just too cute and I found it very powerful. I wish more people would do this. I really like the fact that this inspirational speech was given by a dad to a daughter who might not get everything but in time will grasp the importance of these sessions. The thing about self-esteem is that it’s hard to get it back when you are too old. Kudos to all the parents out there. We know you are doing the best you can!

What are your most memorable moments of 2016?

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