How an unpopular social media user got validation by Influencers

This is another blog post in the  “About Me”series where I basically explain how being an anti-social Social media user still get me decent exposure and engagement.

How to be social media awkward

My social media profiles are as random as it can get. I basically use them for 2 purposes:

  • Show my personality and do EVERYTHING that social media managers (including myself 😂) tell you NOT to do.
    • I don’t focus on a niche: I talk about all kind of things that have no logical connection between one another. I am passionate about a lot of things.
    • I am an introvert and don’t really interact with people and have very few selfies (including the super creepy pics of me with face masks 👹).
    • I am not really consistent because I am too busy / lazy or my life sucks and I really don’t feel like faking the funk.
  • Test tactics to see what works and what doesn’t and then I move on to something else.

Sometimes, you get featured by those who see the genius in you (or just need UGC to get an engagement boost)

No wonder I am NOT an influencer 😂. My engagement is not bad at all and once in a while, I get featured by influencers. It is always nice to see the real potential of our content when it is exposed to a larger audience (and in the right context). Even if it feels good to get a nanosecond of virtual fame 😜, I am too lazy to actually build a community of my own.

How my most liked Instagram pic got the highest engagement (so far) on a 7,000 followers account.

Histories de #Beignetariat En Anglais & Français (Cameroun) Photo & description: @missnadt ……. This woman – Adja – has been frying beignets 🍩 everyday for 31 years. When I was about 1, her mom was retiring. She took the business over. Every morning people rush to her small joint made with steel sheets to get some of these delicious beignets. We live in the Hausa neighbourhood. Muslims and Christians have been living together her for generations. Kids playing together, learning from one another and growing up like brothers. Adja is like family. . •••••••••• “Cette femme – Adja – a fait des Beignets 🍩 tous les jours pendant 31 ans. Quand j’avais environ 1 ans, sa mère prenait sa retraite. Elle a pris l’affaire. Chaque matin, les gens se précipitent vers son Beignetariat fabriqué avec des tôles d’acier pour obtenir Quelques beignets délicieux. Nous vivons dans le quartier Hausa. Les musulmans et les chrétiens vivent ensemble depuis des générations. Les enfants jouent ensemble, apprennent les uns des autres et grandissent comme des frères. On dirait qu’Adja est de ma famille! . . . . . . #tradition #cameroon #africa #afrique #nkongsamba #food #muslim #culture #everydayafrica #IGersCameroun #IGersCameroon #BeignetsHaricot #Beignets #Africanfood #Lekkrek #Visiterlafrique

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How a 365K account validated my idea and (crappy) content

Even more exciting, a SUPER popular page Everyday Africa not only got inspired by one of my posts to inaugurate Instagram multiple posts feature but featured one of my pictures (really not my best shot) on their Instagram.


For #followfriday we’re using the new @Instagram multiple photo post feature! The theme: #BUILDINGS. Here are 8 photos of buildings taken by our followers and hash-tagged #everydayafrica. Thanks for sharing! – The photographers, in order of appearance: -@missnadt (Yaoundé, Cameroon) -@habrinem007, via @everyday_lagos (Lagos, Nigeria) -@3amerr__ (Aswan, Egypt) -@khatkassam (Abidjan, Ivory Coast) -@katyabroad (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) -@unkool_les (Johannesburg, South Africa) -@globalgente (Elmina, Ghana) -@seunieb, via @sojuafrica (Freetown, Sierra Leone) – #yaoude #cameroon #cameroun #lagos #nigeria #aswan #egypt #abidjan #ivorycoast #cotedivoire #ouagadougou #burkinafaso #burkina #johannesburg #joburg #southafrica #elmina #ghana #freetown #sierraleone #salone #building #instagram #everydayeverywhere #ff – Check out our friends @everydayamericanmuslim @everydayzimbabwe @everydaymigration @everydayhornofafrica @everydaymacondo @everydaymotorcity @everydayasia @everydaylatinamerica @everydaymiddleeast @everydayeasterneurope @everydaybronx @everydayeverywhere @everydayjamaica @everydayegypt @everydaysrilanka @everydayusa @everydayincarceration @everydayblackamerica @everydayclimatechange @everydayvietnam @everydayphilippines @everydaynepal @everydayyazd @everydayrussia @everydayromania @everydaymoldova @everydayguatemala @everydayecuador @everydaybrasil @everydayaustralia @everydaydprk

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One of my tweet got featured on Sprout Chat’s recap about creating content on the go.

I actually enjoy joining Tweet chats. It’s a great way to get insights, share knowledge and discover people in your field. Not all chats are created the same but I try to join Sprout Social and Buffer’s chat as much as I can.


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