3 takeaways from the 2016 Webby Talk in Toronto

Yesterday I went to the Webby Talk at Miami Ad School downtown Toronto. The theme is “Internet or Die” and Jeff Zemetis, Director of Creative Content at the Webby Awards was giving the presentation. 

My 3 takeaways from the Webby Talk

1. The Internet is all about creative Reuse

The designs are the same

Web Designers can relate to this tweet. The reality is, people experience websites the same way and even when you want to implement something different, chances are your client would end up wanting one of these 2 designs or you will push one of them because they are easier to adapt on mobile devices ?.


Stock Photos

I don’t know if you have ever used Free Stock Photos from websites like Unsplash  but if you have and also happen to read a lot of articles online,  you must have seen the same image on numerous blog posts (and website templates). I always find it interesting to see how the same image can be used in different contexts.

The majority of the Internet is blue

In case you missed this interesting article on Wired about the most popular color on the internet. It turns out a lot of website incorporate the color blue, followed by grey. I personally love grey because I prefer minimalist designs.

The most popular colours on the internet

I was curious to see if there is any logic behind blue being so popular and looked for the interpretation of the color blue in the psychology of colors.

The dark blues give this a feeling of reliability, while the brighter and lighter blues keep it from feeling staid. The dark blue gives this a site a professional feeling, especially when combined with the white background. But the lighter blue accents add a bit more interest.
Smashing Magazine

Personally, I think that the success of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have something to do with the popularity of this color in the startup community.

? Check out namethatblue to see if you can match the different shades of blue to a tech company. I scored a 22/30 ?. I never realized how many of my favourite brands were blue!

2. Entertaining and useful content drive traffic and loyalty

Jeff also shared a few stats based on a survey that targeted 2,000 respondents. It seems like content is still king to drive traffic and loyalty.

  1. Going viral: 59% of the respondents say they would talk about something they saw on the internet if it was funny. And 59% would do it if it was entertaining.
  2. Loyalty and Return visits: 68% of people say they would go back to a website if something was useful or helpful.

3. Interesting tools/websites to check out

  1. The grid or how to use artificial intelligences to build websites.
  2. Quartz app that basically tells you the news as text messages

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