Yellow Pages Group

Print & Digital Media Company
 Montreal, Canada
Dec 2012 - Dec 2015

Senior Manager - Customer Loyalty and Retention

Manage part of customer life cycle by developing strategies to reduce churn (proactively and reactively) and increase advertisers' satisfaction

Main Achievements

  • Collaborate with Channel Marketing to build Customers Health Index
  • Design proactive campaigns to prevent at risk advertisers from churning
  • Support Customer Excellence channel by providing technological tools, reporting and retention offers
  • Develop strategic plan: Redesign Customer Experience happy path and optimize the retention channel
  • Collaborate with the Onboarding team to educate new advertisers on Yellow Pages’ value

Product Manager - Online and Mobile Placement

Manage digital placement on yp.ca and the mobile app

Main Achievements

  • Placement products evangelization
  • Contribution to the launch of the new yp.ca and mobile app (business rules, design and testing)
  • Share best practices to improve advertisers' ROI
  • Online market explosion:
    • Launch 4 new markets to prepare for placement products evolution and increase SERP monetization
    • Definition business rules, value story and overseeing project delivery
    • Develop 3-year business cases and roadmap of next markets to explode
  • Optimization of Sales process
  • Work with Taxonomy team to continuously improve Placement relevancy on YP search engine
  • Build a Measurement Plan for better tracking of main KPIs and product performance
  • Continuous monitoring of KPIs to assess product performance
  • Inventory Management and develop initiatives to increase sales in under-monetized markets
  • Product phase out: D+ and Rive Sud online and mobile market

Tac Tic Direct

Relationship Marketing Agency
 Montreal, Canada
Jan 2010 - Dec 2012

Program Manager | Account Manager

Manage yearly giving programs of major nonprofits like UNHCR, CHEO Foundation, Children's Wish Foundation and Opération Enfants Soleil.

Main Achievements

  • Develop clients’ annual communication plans and budgets
  • Prepare strategic briefs to meet client’s objectives in terms of acquisition, renewal and reactivation
  • Coordinate cross-channel campaigns (microsite, social media, direct marketing, email and telemarketing)
  • Develop strategic and tactical recommendations to build or increase clients’ social media and online presence
  • On-going monitoring of campaigns’ performance
  • Coordination of a multifunctional team
  • Business Development
  • Digital transformation evangelist & training

Bell Canada

Telecommunications Company
 Montreal, Canada
Jul 2006 - Jan 2009

Marketing Specialist

Coordinate marketing campaigns and monitor performance

Main Achievements

  • Management of a Direct Mail marketing campaign targeting 3,000,000 Canadian households
  • Coordination of the Display Units promotional campaigns in major points of sale - National Roll out
  • Coordination of printed ads campaigns in CSA News, RV Magazine and Metro
  • Satisfaction and loyalty IVR surveys analysis and improvement
  • Coordination of the integration of distributors’ and Bell World Stores’ billing system in SAP
  • Monitoring product performance
  • Sales reporting & forecast

Junior Product Manager

Increase prepaid long distance calling cards revenues and market shares

Main Achievements

  • Market Research and data analysis to find new products opportunity
  • Participation in the launch of 3 new prepaid cards under the brand VOX
  • Coordination of Display Units promotional campaign - Pilot
  • Online Survey “Where do Customers Shop?” with Leger Marketing panel, 3,000 respondents in Ontario and Quebec
  • Management of Web Minutes phase out
  • Reconstitution and improvement of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) trees
  • Monitoring product performance
  • Sales reporting & forecast


 Elipse Award: Award that recognizes employees' contribution to the company's bottom line.


La Passerelle-IDÉ

Nonprofit - Incubator
 Toronto, Canada
Nov 2016 - To date

Digital Marketing and Social Media Instructor

Coach entrepreneurs on how social media and digital platforms can help them increase the impact of their marketing efforts

  • Social Media Marketing Masterclass
  • Developping a website with Wordpress Masterclass
  • One one One coaching sessions


  • Help entrepreneurs create their social media profiles and design their strategic plan
  • Demonstrate the importance of content and how to create engaging content to promote their business
  • Share tactics to help them increase their online reputation.
  • Share best practices about developping an online presence.


Mobile app - Startup
 Quebec, Canada
Mar 2017 - To date

Marketing Strategist

Preparing the launch of the prototype & in charge of marketing and communications


  • Logo design
  • Website design and development
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Content creation (video & photo)
  • Social Media Marketing

MTN Cameroon

Telecommunications Company
 Douala, Cameroon
Dec 2016 - June 2017

Social Media Strategy Consultant

Help MTN strenghten their relationship with their online communities (social customer service and engagement)


  • Social media audit
  • Design a social media and content strategy
  • Overseing the implementation of Social media tactics and evaluation
  • Training Community Managers

Website design and development

2015 - Present


  • Jennifer Photography - [Photography Business] - (In Developpement) - Montréal, Canada (2017)
  • Zenu Academie - [eLearning platform] - (Pre-launch) - Toronto, Canada (2017)
  • Yakana Films - [Cinematographer] - (Phase 1) - London, UK (2017)
  • Irokko - [Game app] - Quebec, Canada (2017)
  • Inside Soccer - [Online Soccer training community] - New York, USA (2017)
  • ADAF Cameroun - [NGO] - Yaounde, Cameroon (Since 2016)
  • MUFFA Cameroun - [Microfinance] - Yaounde, Cameroon (Since 2016)
  • 6 Horizon - [Online store] - Quebec, Canada (2016)
  • Robin de Brousse - [Personal Blog] - Montreal, Canada (Since 2010)
  • Hôtel les Polygones - [Hotel] - Kribi, Cameroon (2016)

SOKO Insights

Business Intelligence Startup
 Toronto, Canada
2014 - 2015

Digital Marketing Advisor

  • Brochure Design
  • Create brand identity
  • Strategic recommendations to increase SOKO’s online visibility


  • 2013

    McGill University

     Montreal, Canada

    Graduate Certificate | Internet Business

    GPA: 3.76

  • 2010

    HEC Montreal

     Montreal, Canada

    Master Degree | International Affairs

    GPA: 3.59

  • 2006

    HEC Montreal

     Montreal, Canada

    Bachelor Degree (BBA) | International Business & Finance

    GPA: 3.21

    Walmart Scholarship

  • 2005

    Tec de Monterrey

     Monterrey, Mexico

    Exchange Semester | International Marketing

    GPA: 91.2%

  • 2001

    Lycée Alfred Kaestler

     Paris, France

    Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles | Economics and Social Sciences
    (Equivalent to an Undergraduate Degree)




Digital Marketing

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media
Web Analytics
Mobile Marketing

Complementary Skills

Project Management
Relationship Marketing
Web Development

Other Projects



Fundraising campaign: Ecole Digne (Fr) & Learn in Dignity (En)

Fundraising campaign to promote quality learning in a primary school in Cameroon.

  • Develop campaign strategy (microsite, email, content, social media )
  • Web Development
  • Develop content (texts and visuals)
  • Email campaigns
  • Performance assessment and key learnings


2011 - Present

Robin de Brousse

Blog about international development and philanthropy

 Featured blog on Paperblog France in Aug. 2012

L'effet tactic | Tac Tic Direct

Corporate blog about digital marketing and philanthropy

 Contributor with the highest viewing statistics

Research Experience

2006 - 2010

Research Paper - Master Degree

Trois Perspective de la performance des ONG (Three Perspectives of NGOs' Performance), HEC Montreal, 2010.

Research Director: Taïeb Hafsi, Holder of the Walter-J.-Somers Chair in International Strategic Management

President of Jury: Martin Coiteux, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy

Grade: A


Tchepannou, Nadine and Hafsi,Taïeb (2014), Trois Perspective de la performance des ONG (Three Perspectives of NGOs' Performance), Editions EU.

Invited Presentations

  • Trois perspectives de la performance des ONG presented at Colloque CRISES 2010 on March 25-26, 2010, Université Laval
  • Trois perspectives de la performance des ONG presented at CERG 2010 on May 7, 2010, HEC Montreal

CERG 2010 presentation was broadcasted on Canal Savoir, a TV channel that promotes knowlegde sharing and knowledge creation.

Research work

Research Assistant - Department of Management, HEC Montreal, 2009