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A Full-stack Marketing Strategist

Hello World!

I am Nadine with a last name you probably can't pronounce . You can call me Nad.

I am a Full-Stack Marketer specialized in Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy and Product Management. I like to reverse-engineer marketing strategies and experiment them on my own.

Late 2015 I decided to leave everything behind to pursue a career as a Digital Nomad: travelling, freelancing and learning about myself. 80% of my time is spent helping SMEs create/improve their digital presence or gain clarity in the noisy "Digital World". After 13 years living in the beautiful city of Montreal, I decided to make a fresh start in Toronto when I am not travelling the world.

5 quick facts about me:

  1. I am an INFP who crunches numbers for fun.
  2. I am a lifelong learner: I am a self-taught web designer and web developer
  3. I played Basketball in High School and University.
  4. I photograph murals in every city I visit.
  5. I am a martial artist (Muay Thai & Kick Boxing).
Marketers shouldn't have to chose between being creative or analytical. They have to be both.

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Toronto, Canada