My Gifted Box

Product: Personalized Gift Baskets
Sector: Retail
Date: 2022


The client, a new high-end gift basket business targeting young African professionals, needed a visual identity to launch their business. The goal was to create a brand that would emphasize the craftsmanship and uniqueness behind every gift basket and resonate with African customers.

Since the gift baskets often incorporate long-lasting elements like natural materials (e.g., wooden boxes) and silk scarves, I aimed to design a timeless identity. My main challenge was to find the right balance between a sophisticated look and a connection to traditional African heritage, avoiding clichés.

Choice of colors

Warm colors were chosen to add a natural and organic touch that would complement the brand’s use of natural materials like wooden boxes and raffia baskets. The color palette also reflects colors often associated with Africa.


The goal was to evoke feelings of effortlessness, classic elegance, and a sense of luxury. As a result, I opted for a clean aesthetic that would maintain its impact across various applications, whether printed on greeting cards, stamped on gift wrap sheets, or engraved on wooden boxes.


My main inspiration came from Andikra symbols. These West African symbols, with a history spanning centuries, continue to influence African culture today. Integrating these symbols into the brand helped reinforce the African identity in a creative and meaningful way.

Explanation of my gifted box logo

Final logo

The logo mark is a unique blend of four elements: three Andikra symbols and the word “GIFT.”

How I merged the Andikra symbols to come up with the logo mark


  • Visual brand identity elements (logos, colors, typography, icons, and patterns)
  • Brand style guide
  • Graphic design (greeting cards, branded products, merch and collaboration visuals)
  • Social media content
My gifted box visual brand identity

Physical products

Social media content

Greeting cards